understand why people share for effective website promotion

Why People Share Links

Almost everyone out there has shared links to content before, it’s not a secret. But what is likely less discussed is why people promote content by sharing links with their friends, family, and followers. We usually engage in free promotion for other websites by sharing links without thinking about the…
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increase your website conversion rate with Sniply

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate With Sniply

Sniply was built solely for the purpose of helping people improve conversion rates for their websites. Whether you want more customers, website traffic, app downloads, event registrations, charitable donations, or anything you can think of—Sniply can help you with that. There are well over a billion pieces of content…
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improve your website conversion metrics

Get More Website Conversions From Shared Links With Sniply

Sniply is a powerful tool that allows you to improve your website conversion rates by adding at CTA message onto any page, but you’re the one responsible for driving traffic to your own links. Even if you have the best call-to-action in the world, you can’t drive conversions unless…
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How to create a Sniply link

How to Create Your First Sniply Link

Welcome to the Sniply link shortener! This is a step-by-step guide, filled with screenshots, that will take you through the process of creating your first Sniply link. When we’re done creating your Sniply link, you should end up with something like this http://snip.ly/demo1 where you’ll see your call-to-action on a page of your…
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100 million and counting

Sniply Reaches 100 Million Clicks

Wow—we can hardly believe it! Felt like yesterday when we celebrated our first 100 clicks, yet in the blink of an eye, we’re now celebrating a grand milestone of 100,000,000 clicks. Whenever we pass a major milestone like this, I always try to write a post here to reflect on our progress and…
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Flying paper cranes

Sniply Reaches 50 Million Clicks

Last year in April 2014, we came up with this crazy idea of Sniply. We shared the concept on Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit. After we got voted up to the front page within minutes, we knew it was something special. 10 months later—today—we’re celebrating the awesome milestone of 50…
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Sniply for Enterprise

Sniply is deeply integrated into marketing strategies of companies big and small. There are many unique perks and benefits to using Sniply on an enterprise level that are very different than for small businesses. These advantages truly differentiate our tool from other marketing tools out there. No Technical Installation Adopting…
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Sniply for Small Businesses

Content marketing is the strategy of driving conversions and generating exposure through quality content. Producing quality content can be extremely expensive, so it’s often not a viable option for small businesses. With Sniply, even small business can reap the benefits of content marketing, allowing you to leverage quality content to…
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