Your Small Business Content Marketing Secret Weapon

Small business marketing tools need to do a lot on a limited budget, maximizing every minute of your marketing time. Sniply is the perfect content marketing tool for small businesses because every custom link you share with Sniply creates an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. That’s right, every link, including links to other websites and news articles.

A new way to reach your audience

Content is one of the best ways to market a small business, and content curation is free. Sniply is a URL shortener that allows you to make the most of content you share by giving you the freedom to customize various types of CTAs that are seamlessly embedded on any shortened link. Maximize your small business’ content marketing efforts.

Easily track data

Sniply's link shortener with tracking let's you track and analyze all of your clicks

Use Sniply’s dashboard to make the most of your link tracking. Sniply offers the link management insights you need to track analytics for every link you share. Uncover the best link strategies for your target audience using A/B testing. Monitor the conversions driven by your custom shortened links.

Easily customize

Create custom CTAs on branded links

Each Sniply CTA can be customized to fit your needs. Your small business has the ability to modify the placement, color, design, custom shortlink text, and website domain for all of your CTAs used in your custom links.

Easily improve results

A/B test branded links and optimize for conversions with link management

Use our small business marketing tool to run A/B tests to find the most appealing style for your followers, to group your CTAs by a specific marketing campaign, to create contrast on the sites you’re sharing to make your CTAs stand out, or to design a style for your CTAs to match your small business’ flair.

Take your small business marketing to the next level

Find the right plan for your small business and start using Sniply today to transform your brand’s engagement and improve conversions.

Add a call-to-action to every link you share.

Join 100,000+ marketers and drive conversions through content curation.

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