Different Industries: Different Solutions

The many features of Sniply’s custom URL shortener can benefit businesses large and small. Everyone shares links, so why not benefit even more from the links you or your business share?

Small Businesses and Ecommerce Sites

We understand that small businesses have to maximize every minute of their marketing time. That’s why Sniply is perfect for small businesses: with Sniply, every custom link you share creates an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. And that means every link, including links to other websites and news articles.

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Large Brands and Enterprise Businesses

Large companies need custom link solutions that are built to seamlessly integrate into large scale marketing strategies. With Sniply, enterprise companies and large brands can capitalize on every custom link they share. Each custom shortened URL creates an added opportunity to drive traffic to your company’s website.

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Affiliate Marketers and Influencers

As an affiliate marketer or an influencer, you are in the business of sharing links. Literally, links are the currency of the business. With Sniply, you can now benefit from every link you share in multiple ways. Each time you share a link, you can include a customizable call-to-action to direct that traffic back to your site when it clicks on the links you share. These CTAs can even be designed to fit your personal brand.

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Add a call-to-action to every link you share.

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