Customize your own CTA on any URL you share with Sniply. Sniply is a custom URL shortener that allows you to add a CTA to each blog post, article, or webpage you share adding the ability to redirect traffic back to your site.

Simple customization for branded short links

You can customize each of your Sniply short link CTAs to fit your brand’s style. Tailor the color, design, placement, custom shortlink, and domain for each of your short link CTAs. Use these custom URL shortener features to group CTAs by campaign, run A/B tests, create contrast on your shared sites, or simply style your CTAs to match your brand’s flair.

Custom Themes

short link generator with custom themes

The Sniply URL shortener dashboard has a number of different call-to-action templates to choose from to make your URL’s CTA the perfect fit for your target audience and current marketing strategy.

Custom Colors

enterprise URL shortener

Sniply’s custom link shortener allows you to tailor the design of your Snips to match or complement your own brand colors. Choose any colors you desire for each of your CTA messages you add to shared URLs.

Custom Position

best link shortener for branded links

Customize the position of where your URL CTA message appears on the landing page. With Sniply’s URL shortener tools you can choose which part of a page you want your CTA to appear to flow better with a page’s outline and design.

Custom Domain

best URL shortener for link management

Customize the way your short links appear by connecting your own custom domain URL. Adding a custom domain will alter the custom URL to fit your domain style.

Custom Shortlink

branded link management

Customize the way your Sniply URLs appear by writing your own shortlink. Use the text of the shortlink to add an additional message or contextual keywords to help you better organize your custom URL campaigns.

Remove Sniply Branding

Reinforce your own branding by removing the Sniply logo from your shortened URL Snips. It’s easy to remove Sniply branding from each of your Snips within the Sniply custom URL shortener dashboard.

Get the most of your short link generator with Sniply

Sniply’s URL shortener allows you to track, test, and engage with your followers when you shorten links and share content. Sniply’s branded link management dashboard observes how your readers are engaging with any short URL link you share. Track the link analytics of each of your custom short URLs such as link clicks, conversion rates, and more.

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