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As an affiliate marketer or an influencer, you're in the business of sharing links. Links are essentially their own kind of online currency. With Sniply, you can now benefit in multiple ways from every URL you share. Each time you share a custom shortened URL, you can include a customizable call-to-action designed to direct that traffic back to your site. You can even design the CTAs to fit your personal brand.

Get the most out of your links

Sniply is a link shortener built to give you the freedom to customize various styles of CTAs that are seamlessly embedded on any shortened URL.

Links made easy

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In the Sniply dashboard, you can make the most of your link tracking. The Sniply dashboard offers all of the link management insights you need to understand and track analytics for every shortened link you share. Use this data to uncover the ideal link strategies for your target audience using A/B testing and monitor the conversions driven by each of your custom shortened links.

Links made fun

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Customize each Sniply CTA to fit your brand’s unique flair. You have the ability to adjust the color, design, placement, custom shortlink text, and website domain for all of the CTAs used in your custom shortened links.

Links made interesting

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Use these custom URL shortener features to create contrast on the sites you’re sharing to make your CTAs stand out, to run tests to find the most appealing style for your target audience, to group your CTAs by a specific marketing campaign, or to design a style for your CTAs to match your personal brand’s style.

Make your links even more valuable

Find the right plan for your personal brand and start using Sniply today to transform your brand’s engagement and improve conversions.

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