Writing good anchor text

How to Create Good Links with Strong Anchor Text and URL Structure

URLs and links are an integral part of websites and the internet. URLs and links provide clarity, information, direction, and organization. This makes the structure of URLs and the words used in links, also known as anchor text, incredibly important. Poor URL structure and information architecture can lead to people…
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Reading quality content

4 Untapped Sources of High-Quality Content You Can Curate

If content curation is your job, then you know that timing is everything. There’s no quicker way to alienate your followers than to consistently serve up stale content. And, as you know, viral items on the Internet go bad much faster than a loaf of bread. For instance, if you’re …
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B2B social media marketing strategy

3 Practical Steps to Better B2B Social Media Marketing

When it comes to B2B social media marketing, most people in the field of B2B sales are unlikely to give it any praise. If you were to ask most B2B companies what they thought social media and lead generation, they would laugh and say it’s non-existent. That social media doesn’t…
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4 Powerful Sniply Features You May Have Missed

At Sniply, we are constantly working to develop new features that make it easier to create and share Sniply links. We are increasingly trying to find better ways to integrate into the workflow of our users, whether that’s integrating with 3rd party systems, creating more powerful analytics, or extending onto…
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5 Reasons Content Marketing is a Win-Win

What if we lived in a world, a bubble, where we didn’t know what was happening outside? We’re constantly shown stuff that we don’t care, and it has no effect on us. Wouldn’t life be boring that way? Now comes content marketing, pushing all these pieces of content in our faces that…
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22 Tips for Creating a Viral Infographic

Ever since the rise in their popularity, infographics are everywhere. You see them on blogs, social media, research organizations, and branded content; but it doesn’t end there. So if infographics are this prolific throughout the interweb, how do you create a creative infographic that stands out from the rest? …
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Under the Hood: the Story Behind the Links

Here at Sniply we manage our thousands of user’s links and work hard to make sure that people clicking Sniply links have a fast, seamless experience. One of the cornerstones of the Sniply experience are the short snip.ly/abc links that we generate for you to share.  Let’s take a quick moment to dissect…
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