7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for a Website

Choosing the right domain name for a new website can make or break the success of that website in a number of ways. For some businesses, there’s often a feeling that if they knew how their website domain name was going to impact their business, they would have done some…
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How to Create a Strong Influencer or Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you ever wondered how some people make a living by posting videos of themselves applying makeup, streaming video games, or sharing pictures traveling the world, those people were most likely social media influencers. Influencers are everywhere and they are building profitable businesses that can support their families. One…
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8 Lead Generation Strategies That Are Easy and Effective

Arguably one of the most crucial parts of running a successful business is the ability to gather as many relevant potential leads as possible. Oftentimes, the amount and quality of the leads collected are dependent on other factors such as online marketing, brand awareness, customer promotion incentives, etc. Because of…
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AB Testing: What to Test With Split Testing and A/B Testing Tips

How can a marketer learn what copy, advertising, or landing page is most effective for their target audience? Without the ability to read minds, the best way to truly understand what resonates with your customers is through AB testing strategies. AB testing, or split testing, is the process of testing…
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How To Effectively and Efficiently Promote Content Online

What is the online promotion of content? In a nutshell, online promotion is basically using various online platforms and websites to increase awareness and exposure of your brand. This could be anything from answering a question on Quora or Reddit to collaborating on a guest post with an online news…
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The 14 Social Media Etiquette Rules You Are Breaking

Most people have a decent understanding of proper social etiquette around other people. There are just things you don’t do. It could be seen as rude, it could be disrespectful, and most people don’t want to offend someone in their daily social interactions. It’s the same way on social media.
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A Guide On URLs and Writing Good Link Text

URLs and links are an interval part of websites and the internet. URLs and links provide clarity, information, direction, and organization. This makes their structure and the words used in links or URLs incredibly important. Poor URL structure can lead to people getting confused when visiting your site; maybe they…
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