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Sniply Reaches 10 Million Clicks

Last month, 30 days ago, we celebrated our big milestone of 1 million clicks on our beloved Sniply links. Today, we’re extremely proud to announce… We just passed 10 million clicks! We don’t believe that our progress has been a result of luck. It’s really the hard work of…
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New Sniply Logo

The Pheonix Effect: Birth of a New Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your organization that makes your brand distinguishable from others. Before you begin the sketching process of creating a logo, it is important to know the significance of having one and the value of the research needed for an effective logo. Being in the…
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Sniply Reaches 1 Million Clicks

We Just Hit One Million Clicks! No, we didn’t get acquired for billions of dollars. No, we didn’t raise a hundred million dollar round. However, this really is a big milestone for us! When we first started Sniply, we weren’t sure if anyone would see the value…
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Sniply Acquires Hoverpost & Headshare

SNIPLY TO ACQUIRE HOVERPOST AND HEADSHARE Toronto-based Sniply today announced that it has reached agreements to acquire Colorado-based Hoverpost and Paris-based Headshare. The acquisition supports Sniply, Hoverpost, and Headshare’s shared mission to introduce continuous innovation in online marketing. The combination will help accelerate growth and user engagement under a single brand.
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