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January 13, 2020

Sniply is a powerful tool that allows you to improve your website conversion rates by adding at CTA message onto any page, but you’re the one responsible for driving traffic to your own links. Even if you have the best call-to-action in the world, you can’t drive conversions unless you can develop a CTA with a strong click through rate (CTR) that attracts more clicks to your links!

Sniply lets you tap into the vast benefits of content marketing without having to create your own original content. There’s a lot of noise on social media and successful content curators are the ones who take time to sift through the internet to find the most valuable content for their audience. If you are constantly sharing interesting content that is relevant to your audience, then you should see a high CTR and be able to get all the clicks you need.

Improving Conversion Rates By Sharing on Social Media

The most common method of content curation and link sharing is through social media. If you look on your news feeds on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll notice that people are sharing content 24/7 giving you a vast library of material to share using Sniply CTAs. A good strategy for finding strong content that will improve your average conversion rates or CTR is to identify the thought leaders within your space and share their posts. These influencers are the veterans in the space and they’re generally popular for good reason. Every business is unique, so in order to curate your own mixture of content with the most potential for a good conversion rate, look to other curators to find click-worthy pieces to share.

If you toot your own horn all day on social media, people would start ignoring your self-centered practices. Social networks are for conversations and they shouldn’t be used as billboards. Many social media experts believe that at least 50% of what you share should be of content from others in order to maximize the CTR and conversion rate for content you share. Sniply helps you capture value from this 50% so that even when you’re sharing content from others, you can still be rewarded for your curation efforts by seeing a high website conversion rate from content by other publishers!

Improving Conversion Rates By Incorporating Blog and Newsletter Posts

Another great way to extend the reach of your Sniply links is to use Sniply for all outbound links through your blog and newsletters. Undoubtedly your blog will have a portion of links leading outside of your domain. Instead of losing your visitors when you send them away, you can use Sniply to stay involved with their visit and ensure that they remember who sent them there.

The same goes for newsletters. People will quickly unsubscribe if you’re sending them boring company updates every week. The best newsletters with a high CTR and website conversion rate offer valuable content and it all goes back to thoughtful curation. Just like your blog, you can use Sniply on all outbound links within your newsletters. It’s a great way to deliver value for your subscribers while still capturing value for your brand.

Improving Conversion Rates By Using Sponsored Content

If you have a marketing budget, then sponsored content is definitely worth looking into. Sponsored content allows you to deliver content directly onto people’s news feeds. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to target the specific demographic of your target market, making this one of the most effective content strategies with a high website conversion rate.

Before Sniply existed, Sponsored Content only made sense for publishers, since they’re the only ones who can derive benefits from traffic to the content. With Sniply, even curators can reap the benefits of Sponsored Content since you can attach your own call-to-action to the page, thus creating a win-win situation in the content ecosystem.

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