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February 25, 2021

Sniply has some great tools that allow you to add your call-to-action to links that you share through social media, email, and online advertising. There have been some amazing use-cases and creative applications. However, up to this point, there haven’t been a lot of tools to improve your own website. This is changing with Sniply’s new tool to embed Call-to-Actions on your site!

Sniply makes it easy to make your website better and boost your conversion rate. With the embeddable version of Sniply, you can now have your call-to-action appear on your site for all traffic. That includes people coming from search engines, social traffic, and paid visits – not just traffic coming through Sniply links. And conveniently, the call-to-action on your website can be completely managed from your Sniply dashboard. You can even add a list of URLs where you’d like to avoid showing the call-to-action.

Installation on your site is simple, all you need to do is include a snippet of code on your site and set your preferences through the Sniply dashboard. To get started, head to https://snip.ly/dashboard/embed/ or for detailed instructions take a quick read through our help documentation here.

There are a few other benefits for your website that you get by installing the Sniply code on your website, even if you don’t want to always show your call-to-action. For example, once the code is on your site, Sniply links to your site will redirect to your domain rather than staying on snip.ly. That makes Sniply feel much more like a regular link shortener, but the Sniply bar can still be shown on your site. This improves the user experience while giving you control of your CTAs. Here’s an example from one of our earliest adopters – note how the Sniply link redirects to the redbarninc.com domain: http://snip.ly/tWCO

The final neat feature when you install Sniply on your website allows you to snip outbound links from your website. You can choose your call-to-action and then links pointing off of your site will automatically be overlaid with your call-to-action!

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