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Introducing The New Sniply

Introducing The New Sniply

The New Sniply is here with a completely new design, brand identity, and new mobile CTA designs. You kept asking again and again for these features, and we listened. Sniply now works on all websites. 🎉
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Website improvement with Sniply

Own a Website or Blog? Sniply Can Make It Better!

Sniply has some great tools that allow you to add your call-to-action to links that you share through social media, email, and online advertising. There have been some amazing use-cases and creative applications. However, up to this point, there haven’t been a lot of tools to improve your own website. This is changing with…
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Meeting the Y Combinator Partners: Sniply YC Interview

WE JUST INTERVIEWED AT YCOMBINATOR — HERE’S THE FULL TRANSCRIPT We published the written application that got our 4-week old startup,, an interview with Y Combinator. We flew down to meet the partners but alas, we were rejected. Nonetheless, we’re sharing our full interview to help others prepare for…
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How to Get a Y Combinator Interview: Sniply YC Application

4-WEEK OLD STARTUP GETS YCOMBINATOR INTERVIEW — HERE’S OUR APPLICATION If you have an online demo, what’s the url? Website: http://www.snip.ly60-second walkthrough: What is your company going to make? is a link shortener that drives conversion. It lets you embed messages into every page you share across social media. Here’s…
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100 million and counting

Sniply Reaches 100 Million Clicks

Wow—we can hardly believe it! Felt like yesterday when we celebrated our first 100 clicks, yet in the blink of an eye, we’re now celebrating a grand milestone of 100,000,000 clicks. Whenever we pass a major milestone like this, I always try to write a post here to reflect on our progress and…
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Flying paper cranes

Sniply Reaches 50 Million Clicks

Last year in April 2014, we came up with this crazy idea of Sniply. We shared the concept on Product Hunt, Hacker News, and Reddit. After we got voted up to the front page within minutes, we knew it was something special. 10 months later—today—we’re celebrating the awesome milestone of 50…
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Rocket taking off

Sniply Reaches 10 Million Clicks

Last month, 30 days ago, we celebrated our big milestone of 1 million clicks on our beloved Sniply links. Today, we’re extremely proud to announce… We just passed 10 million clicks! We don’t believe that our progress has been a result of luck. It’s really the hard work of…
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New Sniply Logo

The Pheonix Effect: Birth of a New Logo

A logo is a visual representation of your organization that makes your brand distinguishable from others. Before you begin the sketching process of creating a logo, it is important to know the significance of having one and the value of the research needed for an effective logo. Being in the…
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Clicking a mouse

Sniply Reaches 1 Million Clicks

We Just Hit One Million Clicks! No, we didn’t get acquired for billions of dollars. No, we didn’t raise a hundred million dollar round. However, this really is a big milestone for us! When we first started Sniply, we weren’t sure if anyone would see the value…
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Sniply Acquires Hoverpost & Headshare

SNIPLY TO ACQUIRE HOVERPOST AND HEADSHARE Toronto-based Sniply today announced that it has reached agreements to acquire Colorado-based Hoverpost and Paris-based Headshare. The acquisition supports Sniply, Hoverpost, and Headshare’s shared mission to introduce continuous innovation in online marketing. The combination will help accelerate growth and user engagement under a single brand.
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