Introducing The New Sniply

February 8, 2023

The New Sniply is here with a completely new design, brand identity, and new mobile CTA designs. You kept asking again and again for these features, and we listened. Sniply now works on all websites. 🎉

Wait what is Sniply?

Sniply is a simple tool that shortens links and allows you to overlay your own custom message onto any piece of content. Used and loved by 100,000+ marketers.

In this update, we aim to make shortening links, adding custom call-to-actions (CTAs) to any website, and creating effective marketing campaigns even easier.

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New Features and Improvements

Apart from the big visual updates, there are many other things you should know about. Most importantly, lower pricing and more powerful features.

What’s new in 3.0?

Comparing The New Sniply’s Features

FeaturesSniply 2.0The New Sniply
Project managementBrandsWorkspaces
Campaign managementNoYes
Responsive dashboardNoYes
Link creation previewsDesktop onlyMobile and desktop
Mobile CTA designsNoYes
Custom domain setupYes, customer support neededYes, super easy via self-serve
Custom domain and slugsYesYes
Email capture CTAYesYes
Reusable CTAsNoYes
Save links for laterNoClipboard
Click limitationsYesNo
AnalyticsYesYes, refined
Out-of-the-box URL shorteningYesYes, improved
Free planYesNo
PricingFrom $29.99/moFrom $9/mo

Fresh Design

Fully redesigned interface and new CTA design options.

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Mobile-Friendly Dashboard

Use Sniply on the go with a fully responsive dashboard.

Workspaces Replace Brands

Manage effectively clients and companies you work with.

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Introducing Campaigns

Quickly group your Links and Clipboard items together.

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Redesigned Link Creation Flow

Native CTA, Summary and Redirect support. Mobile and desktop previews.

Improved CTAs

New, better-rendered CTAs. Multiple brand new designs for mobile. Say goodbye to the only mobile available CTA (full width).

Reusable CTAs

Now you can save time by reusing CTAs as templates when creating new CTAs.

Faster Custom Domain Setup

Quickly set up and verify a custom domain or subdomain.

🔗 Set Up Custom Domains

Save for Later

Clipboard feature to save links for later.

📋 Open Clipboard

Refined Analytics

Get data on traffic source and device type.

📊 Access Analytics

What’s Next?

We’re working on releasing these features:

  • New integrations for content sharing & scheduling.
  • Better content discovery tools.
  • Advanced traffic location analytics.

Issues? Feedback? Ideas?

👂 We’re listening and always ready to help.

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We just launched The New Sniply on Product Hunt and would love to hear your feedback and feature requests. If you like what you see, support us by upvoting.

The New Sniply - Attach your call-to-action to everything you share online | Product Hunt

What Do People say?

Marketers, bloggers, and publishers use Sniply to curate content, build brand awareness, track conversions, run creative campaigns, set up growth experiments, and retain traffic.

“Driving website traffic through external content curation is a unique challenge that Sniply helps solve.” – Zach

“A fun, useful tool for creating on-the-fly calls to action. I use it every day.” – Rick

“Honestly, this is my new favorite app. Fantastic approach for leveraging your social media following to drive traffic and conversions without spending money on ads.” – Mandy

“I love Sniply because it allows me to give my brand more visibility, and also let people know, hey, if you like this post, this page, then I’ve got something else you might like – take a look!” – Bethany

“It’s so simple to use. If you are used to the call to action, button setup is as simple as adding in the page URL and snip.” – Roy

“I use Sniply to advertise my job, so people can click on my message within some popular news to get to the link or my URL and find out more information.” – Sladjana

“When you promote someone else’s site, you can actually drive more traffic back to your site with Sniply.” – Neil

“Basically lets you “comment” on any webpage– but the comment actually looks slick. Think the applications are pretty broad.” – Mack

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