How To Effectively and Efficiently Promote Content Online

What is the online promotion of content? In a nutshell, online promotion is basically using various online platforms and websites to increase awareness and exposure of your brand. This could be anything from answering a question on Quora or Reddit to collaborating on a guest post with an online news…
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The 14 Social Media Etiquette Rules You Are Breaking

Most people have a decent understanding of proper social etiquette around other people. There are just things you don’t do. It could be seen as rude, it could be disrespectful, and most people don’t want to offend someone in their daily social interactions. It’s the same way on social media.
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Writing good anchor text

How to Create Good Links with Strong Anchor Text and URL Structure

URLs and links are an integral part of websites and the internet. URLs and links provide clarity, information, direction, and organization. This makes the structure of URLs and the words used in links, also known as anchor text, incredibly important. Poor URL structure and information architecture can lead to people…
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What Makes a Good Call-to-Action?

We’ve all clicked on a call-to-action before. Whether it was a button, link, or notification that compelled us enough to want to know more. But what makes a good call-to-action, and how do you know what to include in yours? Sadly, it’s usually a case-by-case basis to properly answer…
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The problem with content curation

The Single Biggest Problem With Content Curation

A lot of people ask me how we came up with the idea for Sniply. It all started with a simple observation as I was curating content. First, what is content curation, and why is it important? For those unfamiliar, content curation is the act of sharing great…
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Going viral

Going Viral: The Science Behind Referrals

Sharing. Word of mouth. Going viral. It’s at the core of everything we do here at Sniply. At the end of the day, we strive to make content sharing effective and easy for all marketers and influencers.   With sharing at the foundation of our product, you would expect an…
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