Sniply Basics

Sniply for Enterprise

Sniply is deeply integrated into marketing strategies of companies big and small. There are many unique perks and benefits to using Sniply on an enterprise level that are very different than for small businesses. These advantages truly differentiate our tool from other marketing tools out there. No Technical Installation Adopting…
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Sniply for Small Businesses

Content marketing is the strategy of driving conversions and generating exposure through quality content. Producing quality content can be extremely expensive, so it’s often not a viable option for small businesses. With Sniply, even small business can reap the benefits of content marketing, allowing you to leverage quality content to…
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Sniply for Content Publishers

There are 3 key components in the content ecosystem: publisher, distributor, and reader. In the online world, the reader is often times also the distributor. When you read something you like and share it, you become a distributor of the publisher’s content. Incentivized Sharing Sniply is a great form of…
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The Sniply Workflow

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our goal is to make Sniply as effortless as possible. We know you already have tons of tools in your toolbox, so we took the approach of seamless integration. Flexibility of the Link Sniply outputs a special link that contains the designated page with your…
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Managing Multiple Brands With Sniply

Every Sniply account can hold multiple brand profiles. Let’s say your company offers 2 products, instead of creating 2 separate Sniply accounts, you can simply create 2 profiles within a single Sniply account. What is a Brand Profile? Every Sniply message contains your name, profile photo, and home URL. The…
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Sniply branding opportunities

Branding Opportunities With Sniply

Sniply is a tool that delivers endless branding opportunities, hence customization is a key focus in our product development. With Sniply, you have full control over how your Sniply links look and feel. You have absolute control over its colors, shape, and form. Custom Themes, Colors, and Display Our customization…
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Sniply analytics

Introducing Sniply Analytics

Sniply opens up a whole new layer of analytics that you can’t get anywhere else. Normally, when people click on the articles you share, you lose track of them. However, using Sniply, you can track all the data post clickthrough. Our analytics can track how many people click on your…
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What is Sniply

What is Sniply?

With well over a billion pieces of content shared every single day, we decided to build something that can help you capture the value of every link shared. You share content to promote your brand, build thought leadership, foster engagement, and ultimately to drive conversion. Sniply is a simple tool…
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Why Use Sniply

Why Should I Use Sniply?

Sniply is an online marketing tool used by everyone from independent marketers to thriving enterprises. We’ve generated over 15 million clicks so we must be doing something right. So, why should you use Sniply? Well it’s a simple tool that essentially lets you drive conversions from any piece of content…
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