Sharing Sniply Links with Sendible

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What is Sendible?

Sendible is a social media management tool that allows you to engage with your audience, monitor mentions of your brand, grow your business with a social CRM, and measure the success of your social marketing efforts. Sendible allows you to compose messages destined for all of your social profiles and your blog, all from one compose box that shortens links, attaches photos, and targets your audience precisely. To make this all even better, the Sniply integration allows you to get even more conversions when posting to social media from Sendible.

Integrate Using Our Chrome Extension

Sniply has browser extensions that allow you to Snip links on the Sendible website. Once you’ve installed one of the extensions, you’ll see Sniply embedded directly into the sharing experience, ready when you are. If you want, you can activate the optional AutoSnip feature (off by default). AutoSnip will automatically Snip any links you share using Sendible. This means that you can add Sniply messages to all your Sendible content without having to come back to our website every single time! Whenever you paste a link into the Sendible Message Composer, Sniply will automatically Snip the link.

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