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Earn New Salesforce Leads With Sniply

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that keeps track of leads, their status, and when they will close. Salesforce also has integrated service and marketing tools to build customer loyalty and develop campaigns to target your audience across a wide variety of channels. The Sniply integration allows you to collect leads from the links that your company shares, and import these leads seamlessly into Salesforce.

Using Zapier to Connect Accounts

Sniply allows you to send your form submissions to Salesforce through an app called Zapier. You connect your Sniply and Salesforce accounts to Zapier, then Sniply will send your form submissions to Zapier and Zapier will forward them to be stored as a lead on your Salesforce dashboard. You can customize which submissions go to which mailing lists and more on Zapier.

Customizing Your Zapier Integration

Using Zapier, you can customize exactly how you want your Sniply form submissions to be imported into Salesforce. You can filter Sniply form submissions based on which profile you used to make the Sniply, which page you Snipped, or even which Sniply link was filled in. You can also specify default values for the info that the new Salesforce Lead will get, including default tags, names, and other metadata.

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