Managing your Social Media with Post Planner

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What is Post Planner?

Post Planner helps you FIND scientifically proven content, post it to Facebook and Twitter, then watch engagement soar. What makes it even better is that with Sniply’s integration you can use all of Post Planner’s power just as you normally would, but you can post Sniply links instead of plain-old, boring links.

Integrate Using Our Chrome Extension

Sniply has browser extensions that allow you to Snip links right from the Post Planner dashboard. Once you’ve installed one of the extensions, you’ll see Sniply embedded in the Post Planner dashboard, ready when you are. You can optionally activate the Autosnip feature (turned off by default). AutoSnip will automatically Snip any links you queue on Post Planner. This means that you can add Sniply messages to all your Post Planner content without having to come back to our website every single time! Whenever you paste a link into the Post Planner website, Sniply will be there to help you Snip the link.

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