How a Recruitment Software Provider Used Sniply to Educate the Market

May 31, 2021

The trouble with leading a prospective customer to an interesting article online is that, often, the call to action that you are able to place on the article, should it even be your own article, is difficult to make visually appealing to click, especially if the article is published in the format of the hosting publication.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) sector for recruitment is no different, in fact, it can be even more difficult. With so much competition in the market, ongoing additions to features, ‘nice-to-haves’ becoming ‘must-haves’ overnight; losing your reader to a competitors article could be the difference between ringing the bell in the office and starting all over again.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, a UK-based provider of an advanced applicant tracking system, have started to ‘toy’ with the idea of using Sniply within their marketing department – and with some great success!

The Sniply product has allowed them to create eye-catching CTAs for their articles, which helps to keep prospect customers reading more of their content, or helps to achieve the overall goal of bringing them back to their website. Wait there, I’m not done – you don’t even have to use the CTA on your own article, which is just fantastic! This ahas allowed them to share content from their partners, or even from leading industry experts, whilst applying a relevant CTA to the article, again, achieving the desired goal of bringing the reader back to their website.

As the Marketing Manager at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, I know that this is great for us as a company; we know that our product is one of the easiest to use, with a great range of features, and is very competitively priced as a result of our base-product implementation model – this results in a quick implementation with minimal IT involvement – and we know that our product can drive a huge ROI, but it is simply educating the market as to who we are and what we can help them achieve, and Sniply really helps us to do that.

We have big plans for Sniply in 2015 as we make it a key part of our marketing strategy, with the aim of increasing awareness to our product on a global level.

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About the Author (Guest Blogger)

Jay Staniforth, Marketing Manager, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

Jason Staniforth is a 27 year old Marketer from Leicestershire, United Kingdom. In his working life, Jason manages all aspects of the marketing strategy for the full range of products provided under the accrosoft family.

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